“Florida Langtech translated our technical brochures and catalog into Spanish language with precision. I was impressed. Ms. Elsaesser took the time to ask us many questions and understand the technical aspects of our products—words such as “bearing” or “flow” which could be translated in several ways. She knew it was essential to capture the correct meaning. We could have hired a translation company who would “farm out” the Spanish translation to someone in another country, but we liked working with someone in Florida, a native Spanish speaker with many years in the USA who understood both languages. Ms. Elsaesser also seems to have an excellent grasp of Spanish and English grammar, so she uses the objective and subjunctive verbs correctly. I understand this is especially important in proper Spanish translation.” Jane Benoist, K-Rain Mfg. Corporation

“Florida Langtech has very caring and compassionate teachers who are sensitive to the needs and feelings of their students. My teacher displayed a unique enthusiasm for her profession as a teacher. Her professional attitude with sincere concern provided many opportunities for students to work on their individual levels and in their particular learning styles. Her guidance and motivation encompassed the whole child, not just the academic areas.” Head of Middle School, Palm Beach Day Academy

“I was very welcomed by my Florida Langtech teacher. The environment where the lessons were conducted was warm and perfect to learn. We had an open relationship and she gave me opportunities to express myself without feeling intimidated by the language barrier. She was able to make me understand the material I found difficult and confusing in a very pleasant way. It just couldn’t get any better.” ESL student from Cape Vert

“The Florida Langtech tutoring of my daughter was so incredibly influential to her attitude to studying, priorities and responsibilities. I was amazed to see how she smiled and ran to greet her teacher every time she came. The Florida Langtech teacher made her school work interesting and fun. At the same time, she made sure that the respect she had for her was always there. As my mother used to say ‘familiarity breeds contempt’. You became a role model. In fact at the time, my daughter was adverse to learning foreign languages and because she admired the linguist in her teacher at Florida Langtech, she gradually changed her mind and now speaks four languages. I will always remember Florida Langtech and her teacher with love, gratitude and admiration.” Student from Palm Beach Day Academy

“I did enjoy the lessons. I thought Ms. Elsaesser was a really outstanding language teacher. I just wish that I had had a teacher of her brilliance and understanding in High School when I was trying then to learn French!” Student from London, England

“My daughter, Kathy, was in Alicia’s seventh grade advanced section Spanish class. Kathy excelled under her teaching. Alicia presented challenging material to the advanced class and then she took the time to make sure they comprehended new material. As a result of Alicia’s teaching style, her love for the language, and her interest in her students’ success, Kathy was well-prepared, she understood the material, and she still continues to love Spanish. I believe Kathy’s LOVE for Spanish and her choice of Spanish as a possible major in college was instilled by Alicia! Her soft, steady style of teaching and her talent to make her students want to “work hard” were a perfect combination for Kathy.” Mother from Palm Beach Day Academy

“Alicia taught both of my children, Tad (French) and Branch (Spanish). Not only was she their favorite teacher but they both have strong backgrounds in their languages. Tad’s knowledge and use of the French language has proven itself on our previous trips to Paris. He was able to converse when necessary, read signs, direction, etc. and get us all around the city without ever getting lost!… I credit his willingness to take on a difficult language like German to his experience with Mrs. Elsaesser. I remember him telling me (when he was at PBDS) that he liked Madame Elsaesser because she made him feel like he was good at French, and because she acted like she really cared about him. Branch had Alicia for much of his background in Spanish. He said she always took time to explain the lesson in terms he could understand. He benefited from her gentle, easy manner. Like Tad, he said she made him feel good about himself and he could tell she like him.” Mother from Palm Beach Day Academy

“I have known Ms. Elsaesser in my capacity as professor for the ESOL teacher-training program at Florida Atlantic University. For over a year, she has proven to be an exceptionally conscientious teacher. Her ability to work with others, as well as plan classroom activities which reflect evidence of effective instructional planning, is outstanding.” Assistant Director, NODAC Professor, Florida Atlantic University

“As Program Coordinator for the ESOL Teacher Training Program, I can tell you that Ms. Elsaesser is one of the brightest teachers in our program, who has demonstrated many strengths, not only in teaching, but in designing and developing effective programs of study for her students. Alicia is concerned with bringing the best possible quality to her students. She is also concerned with successfully implementing language curriculum and effective teaching that will empower her students to achieve linguistically, academically, and socially. Ms. Elsaesser displays intellectual curiosity, a desire to go beyond the easy explanation or answer, the ability to analyze student behavior, and the ability to express herself coherently in both oral and written form in several languages. I find Alicia to be a refreshing, versatile, and extremely competent individual who demonstrates a high caliber of professionalism. I have every confidence in Ms. Elsaesser’s judgment and her expertise in teaching, furthermore, she is one of the most humane educators I have ever worked with.” ESOL Program Coordinator, Florida Atlantic University

“Alicia has an excellent rapport with her students. She is patient and works with them on a one-to-one basis. She has a pleasing personality and she is a team player.” Assistant Principal, Palm Beach Gardens Community High School

“Ms. Elsaesser has been instrumental in expanding the Learning Center’s foreign language program.” Program Director,  Learning Center, Palm Beach State College